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Missions Movie 2021
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Friday, November 23, 2018

Mercy Ministry

A couple of years ago, while reading the Bible together in Matthew 25 we were cut to the heart with the realization that God wants us to be serving "the least of these".  So after more prayer and planning we found a way to incorporate into our schedule times to feed and visit the homeless, prisoners, and sick/disabled shut-ins....

 The Lord is so faithful to provide the time and resources.....this opportunity to "Visit Jesus" has been such a blessing to our family as our children always look forward to helping out as well. We are always looking for like minded people who are willing to volunteer time for this ministry! There are so many needs, and God's heart is that we serve the poor and hurting in our society. 

Osi and friends from his Bible study have continued mowing grass/home repair for widows on Mondays.  Its a great encouragement for him to see these young men growing in their faith throughout the year in Bible study, and THEN desiring to put their love for God into action by serving and sacrificial giving. 

This was our third year in a row having a BBQ on Christmas day with the street people at the Bus station.  And it warms our heart to see guys from the Bible study join us enthusiastically to cook and serve these precious people who have nowhere else to go on Christmas.

One of Jen's friends showed up his year too! 
We had a great time as a family with all the kids eating BBQ and riding bikes around the bus station.

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